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Know Who You Are:
Know Where You Come From: Reintegrate

 Reintegration is at the heart of Go Africa Genealogy. it’s in our DNA, quite literally. We take off from where organizations such as and 23andMe leave off. If a majority of your DNA indicates your ancestry is from the African continent then you qualify to be reintegrated. Complete and total reintegration of the lost sons and daughters of the African diaspora into their African cultural heritage is at the heart of our mission. 

Hundreds of years ago, illustrious Sons and Daughters of the continent were forcibly taken away from all over the western coast of Africa from places like the Gold Coast, the Bight of Benin the Calabar Atlantic Coast to faraway places in the Caribbean, the Americas and Spanish diaspora. Today through the amazing advancement of DNA technology not only is it possible for the descendants of these people to be able to retrace their ancestral roots to specific countries in most cases they are even able to trace their lineage to ethnic groups and possibly living relatives today in the continent. Time may have separated today’s African descendants by over 500 years but there is nothing like home as can be testified to by the joy found and the spiritual connection attested to by some of G.A.G’ successfully reintegrated citizens.

Take the case of Keisha Mbata, G.A.G ambassador. She was a successful entrepreneur in California before relocating back to Lagos and is now married to a Nigerian. Together they head a vibrant Global business in Nigeria. she reports she has never felt more at home in her adopted country. KESHIA IS 65% Nigerian.

The mission of GAG is not only to assist curious and inquiring African-Americans decipher their origins but to help them fulfil their dreams of reconnecting to the continent in a safe and enriching way. While enriches them spiritually, at the same time it allows them the opportunity to give back to the communities of the ancestral origins that they were so forcibly taken away from hundreds of years ago. While a majority of the returnees may not relocated completely, once the connection is made and initiated, it shifts most African Americans focus from vacationing in the Caribbean to the cities of their Origins. As it should be, Italian-Americans vacation in Italy, Jewish Americans return to Israel and German Americans return to Germany but in the case of African Americans rather than return to Africa often make the error of returning to the Caribbean. Whereas the Caribbean was a middle passage, Africa is their true origin and offers a spiritual rest that the Caribbean would never offer as a tourist destination. There is a great symbiosis of energy when this is done properly. 

To achieve complete and successful reintegration GAG has instituted two databases, the Hosting Families Database, and The Local Tour Guide Database. These databases help the returnees in their reintegration process. When a returnee has chosen a country to return to they are welcomed by a vetted and trusted hosting family which has gone through the rigorous process of being vetted to receive them. This hosting family will form the bridge between the returnee and their chosen homeland, assisting in things like immigration, project initiation and completion, business registration and incorporation, helping them navigate through the local government system and assisting them with any permits that may be needed. But most importantly, the hosting family provides the cultural bridge for the returnee in aspects such as name giving ceremonies, marriage rights and customs, social etiquettes and norms, and general guidance in their new communities. 

We encourage all returnees to adopt a socially conscious program that will endear them to their host communities. Our experience has shown that when returnees so this, reintegration becomes much more rewarding to all involved as opposed to just being a tourist. The returnee he is free to choose a socially empowering program or to initiate a business proposal. If it’s a business proposal GAG working with the hosting families a link will assist with the returnee with all necessary local permits to facilitate its success.

Your Reviews

Our Returnees love Us

Thank you GoAfrica. You made it possible for me to build on my donated homestead in the serene Obudu Mountain Ranch

Kylie Rogers

Kylie Rogers

Returnee from Jamaica

GoAfrica made it possible for me and my family 5o experience what it feels like to participate in a true traditional African marriage ceremony. Just an awesome experience

Peter Parker

Peter Parker

Returnee from New York

Thank you GoAfrica
My host family was so helpful without which I would not have been able to register and incorporate my company. They helped me navigate through the local laws. Now I run an import/export business from the USA to Ghana.

Amy Weinstein

Amy Weinstein

Returnee from California

I am 65% Nigerian. I met my husband in Nigeria. And together we run a successful yoga swing academy in Lagos. Thank you GoAfrica

Keshia Mbata

Keshia Mbata

GoAfrica Ambassador
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