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Returnee Empowerment Program

Every Returnee is encouraged to adopt an empowerment program for their community of adoption. It is not mandatory however, and some Returnees prefer to engage in businesses with their host communities rather than non-profit empowerment projects. Both or either are highly encouraged. Returnees are allowed to choose their own community engagement programs with guidance from GAG as to the kinds of programs that are best suited and most likely to succeed. They range from simple programs such as, construction of Wells to provide clean drinking water in remote villages without access to water, or provision of solar power to power schools in villages, or providing micro-damming projects for agricultural irrigation, or the adoption of infants to provision and construction of orphanages or the establishment of scholarships for impoverished children. The list is endless and inexhaustible of how Returnees can make a meaningful impact in their new communities of adoption and win the hearts of the indigenes. Consult with a GAG official for guidance. It is this aspect of active involvement of returnees in their host communities that distinguishes the returning African in the diaspora from a mere hotel dwelling and thrill-seeking foreign tourist. It is this work that sets GoAfricagenealogy apart from being just another tourism company promoting exciting locations in Africa. Empowerment programs are at the heart and soul of the movement and success of Reintegration. Though, not a requirement, but all returnees are encouraged to adopt a non-profit platform of community activism and engagement. This in turn endears the community and indigenes to the Returnee and guarantees a successful reintegration process in the long run. Our experience has shown that the returnees that adopt a robust program of community engagement as a socially conscious platform are happier, and better adjusted in their quest for reintegration.
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