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Our Mission

Reintegration Tourism

Tourism as we know it today is the occasional practice of people visiting other places and through the medium of spending enriching their destination countries by bringing foreign exchange. Reintegration tourism takes this concept a bit further by encouraging repeat visits. when a potential tourist becomes an Indigene and a local the potential benefits of tourism are increased the local economy is guarantee repeat visits because this becomes their second home away from home. Most returnees build vacation homes and businesses which gets them intrinsically involved to a greater degree in the local economy than the occasional tourist visit ever could.

Returnees Docu series for Netflix

Each Returnee may opt in or opt out of the documentary that G. A. G. Films for Netflix series. The docu-series purports to document the experiences of each Returnee beginning from their decision in their country of origin to trace their ancestral roots. Those returnees that opt in will be contacted and followed through the process from DNA test, DNA results, to boarding the plane to the host country. Their experiences in the host country to include relationships which could include local marriage, circumcision, baptism, name giving ceremonies, childbirth and initiation as the case may be. If you are interested in participating in this docu-series please complete this form and submit for evaluation. Note: not all applicants are automatically accepted in the docu-series.

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