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Anyone who has done their DNA analysis by submitting their sample to either 23&me or and has been determined to have a significant percentage of their DNA from the countries listed in our directory and intends to embark on the journey of discovery to any of these countries is a Returnee. Only Returnees are eligible to be reintegrated and entitled to enjoy the benefits of Reintegration offered by the host countries. While anyone may visit West Africa, GAG takes special pride in the relocation, and reintegration of those who are connected by DNA to the motherland. To be a bona-fide returnee you can start the process by contacting either 23& or, acquiring your DNA and uploading the analysis to our site.
The hosting family is a local family at any of the host countries that has been screened by GAG and vetted to host our Returnees. The host family is a family that nurtures, directs, and guides the returnee through the processes for cultural activities such as marriage ceremonies, initiation, name giving ceremonies, company registration and Incorporation, visa processing, immigration and general help in living and functioning in the host country. The host family does not act alone but in concert with a GAG official. Returnees are encouraged to run all investment projects through a GAG official prior to sending any money to a host family. The host family makes it easier for our returning visitor to acclimatise and reintegrate into the new culture. They serve as a bridge and guide.
While there are many benefits of Reintegration the most pronounced are The offer of land as a homestead. Honorary citizenship of a local government or village. Note: this does not replace the requirement of the official government for proper immigration authentication. The offer of a local name in a name giving ceremony The official welcome by an officer from the state department of Tourism
Yes! While the returnee is offered a plot of real estate free of charge to construct a homestead, or build a company or school or whatever investment ideas they might have in mind, as a means to facilitate their relocation and integration, the returnee signs an agreement with the community to develop the plot within a set amount of time or the land ownership reverts back to the community. Complete ownership of offered land is dependent on fulfilling the development deal signed with the community. Also the returnee is responsible for all fees associated with land surveys, attorney ownership agreements and registration at the state department of lands, and for any fees incurred for such things as building plans and architectural drawings associated with the property.
Yes, through the host family, a returnee may acquire a tour guide that takes them around their new country of adoption to tourist destinations of interest.
The initial fee for Returnees is only $499.00 This fee qualifies the Returnee to access all the listed benefits of the program. This fee does not however cover hotel room accommodation or travel or flight tickets or meals or local transportation. The Returnee must make arrangements for these out of their own pocket. This fee is non refundable unless the returnee fails to travel to the host country.
To qualify as a host family and get the privilege to be the advisory family for foreign expatriate Returnees, local host families pay a non refundable fee of $100.This is an administrative fee to allow GAG perform due diligence background checks and proper vetting of our host families for the security of all involved.
Yes! This is very much encouraged as it deepens the relationship between the returnee and the host country. Traditional marriage ceremonies will be conducted and attended by GAG officials. Returnees are also encouraged to adopt children in the host countries.
The Go Africa Genealogy Project documentary is meant to chronicle the process of a Returnee deciding to take this epic journey from their country of origin to the host country and all the experiences they encounter. Some aspects of the documentary are shot by the Returnees themselves while some are prepared interviews shot by GAG crew. A completed and edited documentary featuring Returnees is then marketed to international, regional and or online distributors. Returnees that want to participate in the documentary sign an opt in or opt out agreement with GAG.
No. The Returnee chooses from a list of our featured countries where they would like to be reintegrated. While GAG encourages Returnees to choose countries with the highest percentage of their DNA ancestry, a Returnee has every right to choose which country they go to irrespective of the percentage of DNA match they have in their DNA analysis for that country as long as GAG does business in that country.
No. Returnees must undertake to get their DNA analysis done on their own then register on our website and upload their results. To get your DNA analysis, please visit our participating partners 23& and
Yes! A separate agreement will be signed by the producers with each Returnee that opts into the documentary project. Any compensation will be spelled out in such an agreement.
Yes. But they may only choose from the approved online list of vetted and trusted hosting families with verified online profiles on Should a Returnee choose a hosting family not vetted by GAG, they may be dropped from the program as GAG may not be able to offer local protection or verify the authenticity of any investments carried out between them.
No. But GAG has relationships with the official departments of tourism of each country listed for representation and reintegration. Sometimes these relationships are at the state level. At other times they are at the national level. GAG does not operate in any country where such relationships don’t exist.
While it is not mandatory, GAG would like to congratulate and felicitate with any of our Returnees who deepen their relationship with the host countries with the birth of a child. Marriage and children are definitely a desired outcome of proper reintegration and would be an occasion for celebrations as well as an opportunity to be featured in the GAG awareness documentary as an example of successful reintegration.
Our aim and mission is the successful reintegration of all African Americans and indeed all Africans in the diaspora to include those in Europe and the Caribbean that want and long to be reconnected with their ancestral land of Africa and culture. This includes the traditional descendants of freed slaves and more recent immigrants who might have left the continent on their own and now want to return and regain a foothold in their father’s land. GAG facilitates this process and intends to serve as an authentic guide beyond the superficial experiences of the usual tourist to West Africa.
No. GAG is an independent non-profit organisation for the rehabilitation and reintegration of indigenous peoples of African descent in the diaspora. GAG is a subsidiary of the registered non-profit organisation Ufumaka Foundation. GAG however maintains relationships with various departments of tourism in the host countries to help them in their mission. GAG is also involved in various local non profit activities in the host countries such as the preservation of indigenous forests, reforestation, the protection of the girl-child and child immunisation and climate change. You are encouraged to donate to these causes or get involved through our donation links posted on our website.
Though, not a requirement, but all returnees are encouraged to adopt a non profit platform of community activism and engagement. This in turn endears the community and indigenes to the Returnee and guarantees a successful reintegration process in the long run. Our experience has shown that the returnees that adopt a robust program of community engagement as a socially conscious platform are happier, and better adjusted in this program.
Every Returnee is encouraged to adopt an empowerment program for their community of adoption. It is not mandatory however, and some Returnees prefer to engage in businesses with their host communities rather than non profit empowerment projects. Both or either are highly encouraged. Returnees are allowed to choose their own community engagement programs with guidance from GAG as to the kinds of programs that are best suited and most likely to succeed. They range from simple programs such as, construction of Wells to provide clean drinking water in remote villages without access to water, or provision of solar power to power schools in villages, or providing micro-damming projects for agricultural irrigation, or the adoption of infants to provision and construction of orphanages or the establishment of scholarships for impoverished children. The list is endless and inexhaustible of how Returnees can make a meaningful impact in their new communities of adoption and win the hearts of the indigenes. Consult with a GAG official for guidance. It is this aspect of active involvement of returnees in their host communities that distinguishes the returning African in the diaspora from a mere hotel dwelling and thrill-seeking foreign tourist. It is this work that sets Go Africa Genealogy apart from being just another tourism company promoting exciting locations in Africa. Empowerment programs are at the heart and soul of the movement and success of Reintegration.
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