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The Returnees

Hundreds of years ago, illustrious Sons and Daughters of the continent were forcibly taken away from all over the western coast of Africa from places like the Gold Coast, the Bight of Benin the Calabar Atlantic Coast to faraway places in the Caribbean, the Americas and Spainish diaspora. Today through the amazing advancement of DNA technology not only is it possible for the descendants of these people to be able to retrace their ancestral roots to specific countries in most cases they are even able to trace their lineage to ethnic groups and possibly living relatives today in the continent. Time may have separated today’s African descendants by over 500 years but there is nothing like home as can be testified to by the joy found and the spiritual connection attested to by some of G.A.G’ successfully reintegrated citizens.

  1. Land acquisition.
  2. Local government of origin honorary conferment of citizenship.
  3. Name giving ceremonies.
  4. Provision of a host family for guidance and local culture integration.
  5. Provision of a tour guide is optional, there is also participation in a documentary for Netflix.

Each Returnee may opt in or opt out of the documentary that G. A. G. Films for Netflix series. The docu-series purports to document the experiences of each Returnee beginning from their decision in their country of origin to trace their ancestral roots. Those returnees that opt in will be contacted and followed through the process from DNA test, DNA results, to boarding the plane to the host country. Their experiences in the host country to include relationships which could include local marriage, circumcision, baptism, name giving ceremonies, childbirth and initiation as the case may be. If you are interested in participating in this docu-series please complete this form and submit for evaluation.

Note: not all applicants are automatically accepted in the docu-series.