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    1. Senegal Regional Director
    2. Ghana Regional Director
    3. Cameroon Regional Director
    4. Benin Regional Director
    5. Gambia Regional Director
    6. Sierra Leone Regional Director
    7. Ivory Coast Regional Director
    8. Liberia Regional Director

Our regional director, also referred to as the Reintegration marketing manager, is in charge of procuring sales of tourist packages as well as arranging tour packages for our Returnees. He welcomes the returnee as they alight from their plane to the country. He is charged with the complete reintegration of the Returnee. The director must have the understanding that clients under the GoAfrica Genealogy are not just tourists but our long lost brothers who were forcibly removed from the west coast of Africa and after hundreds of years, haven discovered through DNA analysis their family roots in a specific country are returning home. This understanding gives the Director a different sense of duty from just being a tourism manager. Our Returnees are not just tourists, they are our prodigal sons and daughters returning home and must be treated as such. The role of a regional director is very fluid and capitalizes on the talents and connection of the individual professional to the local establishment.
If the candidate for this position is currently or was a former employee of the tourism department in the host country it will be plus though not a requirement. It is important that the director understands the dynamics of the country he is in charge of. Being fluent in most of the local dialects is a plus. We emphasis a deep understanding of the ethnic diversity, culture as well as the dangers of travelling to each community and state of the host country. An effective director will have local influence with the traditional rulers as well as the government establishment, an ability to navigate the system effectively to the benefit of our clients. Tourism and hospitality tend to take a hit during economic recessions, so it is important that a tourism professional develop outstanding sales skills to entice people to pay. Honesty, integrity and an impeccable character is key to sustainability of the GoAfrica Genealogy programme.
The marketing aspect of the job involves creating innovative programs that attract visiting Returnees to a new locale. Marketing programs could include developing media content for our website which highlights the advantages of a specific tourist attraction. Bolstering local convention centers and marketing their benefits to prospective trade conventions, shows, and conferences could also be a development program for which a Regional Director is responsible.
Our reintegration regional director is responsible for recruiting the cooperation of local chiefs to provide lands and other real estate properties for our Returnees. The director spearheads the signing of agreements with the local chiefs for homestead lands and manages the program to the benefit of both the local communities and the client.
The director assists the returnee in all applications for any local permits that might be needed to include incorporation of companies, acquisition of Tax IDS, visas, immigration and repatriation of profits. The director should have an intimate knowledge of these processes and the government agencies that provide them.
The directors job is to make the reintegration of the returnee as seamless and hassle free as possible. The reintegration director is in charge of selecting from a pool of hosting families the best family to link with the returnee. The director monitors all financial transactions between the hosting family and the returnee as they pursue various business and reintegration projects together. The director ensures the returnee is not looted, kidnapped, or others loses their money in questionable schemes. He vets all local financial dealings involving the returnee in his country of operation to ensure a successful outcomes.
Communication skills are vital for a Regional director.
State managers work directly under him as well as tour guides
An effective director uses the art of persuasion to secure tourists for various vacation packages. They must also know how to appeal to business leaders and owners who rely on tourism to increase their profits and keep their stores or services running. Communication between these different factions requires grace, openness, and a friendly disposition, no matter the circumstances.
One very important aspect of an integration manager’s job is to keep track of metrics and analytics which clearly show the state of our sales and marketing efforts. Monitoring how many tourists visited an attraction, how many used the tourism agency’s services within a specific period of time, and how much money these clients spent are all part of the records that the director keeps. This analytical data can be used to make projections on future marketing programs and to direct changes on how best to approach prospective clients and Returnees.

QUALIFICATIONS: the director must possess a minimum of a bachelors degree or its equivalent or 5 years experience in the tourism and hotel and hospitality industry.

COMPENSATION: this is a commission plus bonus based job tied to metrics on performance. Specifics of our attractive compensation package shall be discussed upon hiring.

LOCATION. The successful candidate must be located in the host country.

EDUCATION: The director must possess a minimum of a bachelors degree or its equivalent in experience in the tourism and hospitality industry.

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