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Our Ambassador

Keshia Mbata is an American-born mother of two, living in Lagos Nigeria with her 31-year-old husband, Dizzy Mbata, a hip-hop rap artist.



With Keshia Mbata

How did you discover that your root is Nigeria and why would you leave America, to settle here?

It happened while performing my recruiting duties as the HR Recruiting Manager for a well known national fast fashion women’s apparel company in the fashion district of California. Weeks earlier, I had submitted my DNA to an accredited laboratory to trace my roots. So on this day, the results were in. And there it was; I was 65% Nigerian. Wow! I quickly went to Nigeria on Google maps and then I noticed the Forbes Magazine on my desk with the cover “the next billionaires will be created over the next ten years in Africa”; I was sold. Within 48 hours, God led me to my destiny with facts and numbers and an even stronger spiritual calling that Nigeria is my destination.

So what did you do next?

I researched everything about Nigeria pre and post-colonization. I loved the music, the fashion, and the creatives. I was also equally drawn to Nigeria’s strength and opportunities; such as I have the opportunity to help eradicate malaria from Nigeria and, to take Nigeria’s strong tomato production into billions of dollars and millions of great paying jobs for Nigerian families.

The possibilities are endless and that’s the first reason I chose Nigeria. Through my path, I found my darling husband, my best friend and rock. Our diverse relationship just lets me know this was a special path chosen by the one on high.

As 65% Nigerian, have you been able to trace your tribe?

Although my ancestry is majority Nigerian, I have yet to trace my tribe. I do plan to, very soon but I hear repeatedly that I look like an Igbo woman.

Tell us what you’ve been doing since you came to Nigeria?

Since my arrival in Nigeria in 2019, I married, established an NGO with the main mission to establish a better Nigeria through lasting relationships with the American community. HMIF helped my husband to establish a registered production company in Lagos, called MDE Empire as well as raised over $100,000 to help establish the company over the last 3 years.

In addition, I have recruited talent for all of my projects, from our Mobil health care units to our Chicago House Music Festival in Lagos; a first-ever. I have yet to dive into agriculture but it is on the list. I also made my Nollywood debut in the film, ‘Shattered’

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